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sarea-n bucate restaurant

Situated in the close proximity of the Turda Durgau Salt Mine, Sarea-n Bucate restaurant stands in a privileged location, in a beautiful natural landscape, under the ravishing sun that envelops the hills of the Turda area.

After an amazing visit in the depths of the Turda Salt Mine, Sarea-n Bucate restaurant offers the perfect choice for a few hours of culinary treat.

The restaurant is a place where you can eat healthy meals, prepared from vegetables out of our own salad garden or from our orchard, from which we produce a BIO apple juice that we serve in the restaurant.

Turda is a well-developed agricultural area and we have access to the products of the local farmers, from which we collect meat, milk and bread.

The welcoming and large terrace, the grill area with an innovative design, the close proximity of the vineyard and the La Salina Wine Cellar, make from Sarea-n Bucate restaurant the ideal place for a family meal or for dining with friends.

With a capacity of 250 places, the restaurant is also the perfect place for special events.

Sarea-n Bucate envelops an entire culture- placed at the confluence of history and legend, the restaurant assembles together the Transylvanian culinary traditions and its specific hospitality. Late in the evening or early in the morning, the bewildered travelers can rest their body and spirit, ease their hunger in a traditional way, and their senses with a noble wine, made from the grapes that cover the Durgau hills.

As promoters of the local culinary traditions, we can tell you we are masters of the Transylvanian cuisine, mainly concentrated on the foods prepared in the kettle. Even if we take pride with this legendary status of our restaurant, we also make sweet culinary treats.

It’s important to know that all the meals cooked at Sarea-n bucate are prepared with fresh products out of our own garden or bought straight from the farmers, therefore being present in our restaurant you encourage the local agriculture.

sarea-n bucate hotel

The Transylvanian hospitality is famous worldwide. We are joyful and welcoming hosts, and we wish to make out of Sarea-n Bucate a space of friendship and close human interactions. That’s why we like to believe that strangers don’t exist, they are merely people you haven’t met yet. A smile and a word of spirit will welcome you each time you step over our threshold.

Our hotel offers tourists 13 ultra-modern decorated rooms, with a total of 40 housing beds which assure a warmly comfort, giving you that feeling of being “home”. The elegance of the shapes and the chromatic delicacy increase the feeling of serenity and offer an atmosphere of intimacy for your family.

The types of rooms differ, depending on your needs: single, double, matrimonial or family room. The rooms are fully equipped and furnished- each of them has a mini-bar, and contains the most recent technology: Wi-fi, LCD TV, phone, independent control of air- conditioning.

For those who wish to check in at “Sarea-n Bucate”, we inform you that the restaurant offers his guests a hearty and consistent breakfast, included in the housing offer.

la salina winnery

Being known for the nick-name “The restaurant from the vineyard” it’s not a coincidence. The base of “Sarea-n Bucate” project was represented by the investment in reviving the wine area, that’s why in the cellars of the restaurant age the finest of wines.

“La Salina” is the brand under which the ISSA wines were born, which glorify the name of the old Roman settlement called Potaissa. Although the coming out of the “La Salina” wines on the Romanian market was a recent event, they obtained valuable distinctions in different contests, occupying a respected place in the hierarchy of high-quality Transylvanian wines.

The vine estate covers a surface of 70 hectares, 45 of which being sown with Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Pinot Noir, Riesling de Rhein, Fetească Neagră, Neuburger, Cabernet Sauvignon, the plantations being made in different years.
The year 2014 brought the first wine production of La Salina under the ISSA brand.

  • ISSA Sauvignon Blanc 2014
  • ISSA Chardonnay 2014
  • ISSA Rose din Pinot Noir 2014
  • ISSA Pinot Noir 2014

All these things represent a pleasant surprise for the wines of a wine cellar. They are young wines, obtained after first-time pressing, the grapes being carefully selected to offer a distinct finesse and flavor. The taste is surprisingly pleasant, its acidity good, the structure and alcohol balances well the entire ensemble.

Wine tasting in the La Salina Wine Cellar, associated with traditional food, the walks in the vineyard accompanied by a specialist, and the visit of the Turda Salt Mine represent delighting activities for the days spent in the Turda-Durgau area.


Halloween party 2015

Saturday Oct. 31 2015, 21:00

Whitches, ghosts, vampires, zombies, mummies are awoken once a year to horrify you during the night of 31st of October, in the haunted ”Sarea-n bucate” restaurant, at the Halloween Costume Party.

In a really scarry scenario, the guests are welcomed with cocktails, entertainig music, a sophisticated buffet, a tombola and many other surprises. The dresscode is specific to the Hollowen party, which is dedicated to adults only. The entrance is made by invitation or reservation.

The prices are as follows:
150 lei/person (welcome drink, buffet)
250 lei/ person (welcome drink, buffet, housing and breakfast)

For reservations, details and briefing please contact us at:
Phone: 0730 632 792
str. Dealul Viilor, nr. 2, Turda.

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Wine as a gift 2015

September 2015

The ”Wine as a gift” event from the previous year took the shape of a tradition, our charitable actions continuing with a day of celebration, in which the guests took part at the vintage, dined and drank with us fermented juice made from the first harvested grapes.
The obtained funds were directed to sustaining the education of an entire class of children, whithin the programe called ”Class of the heart”.

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Wine as a gift 2014

September 2014

We celebrated the vintage harvest of the year through a charitable event, in which our guests took part in the vintage, being rewarded with traditional Transilvanian food and wines from the vintry. The gathered dontations were directed to children included in the ”Class of the heart” program, being finacially sustained for the duration of an entire school year.

news and offers


The ”Sarea-n bucate” restaurant offers its visitors a great variety of interactive and relaxing activities. Depending on your interests, you can choose from the following:

- guided tours in the vineyard, which provide an excellent way to combine a nature walk with finding out the story of the vineyard of the Durgau hills, resulted from reviving some old traditions in the the wine-growing field.  

- wine tasting on demand- the wine lovers can fully activate their senses within some private tasting experiences, made in an idyllic and natural surrounding.

- private events, hosted in the premises of the restaurant, in an intimate and privileged space.

- riding sessions at Salina Equines, where, among our specialists, you have the occasion to test your riding abilities and experience unique interactions with our pet friends.

- guided tours in the Turda salt mine, occasion with which you can discover the amazing history of the salt mine.

area attractions

After a night spent in our guesthouse and a well-deserved break, you are as good as new and fit for the road. Another one, than you have made in the previous day. Hapily, the area where you find yourself hides a multitude of touristic treasures, which will enchant your sight and enrich your knowledge about the Turda area.

We review them for you, and you will be the one to decide where your steps carry you:

Turda Salt Mine

It is certainly one of the key-attractions of the area, a real salt-mining history museum, included in a list of one of the most spectacular places you can see in the world.

The Durgau pool

Located in the proximity of the salt mine, it proposes a relaxing bath in the highly mineralized water from Durgau-Valea, a suited activity for a burning summer afternoon.

The Turzii Notch

To the adventurers we recommend a hike through the Turzii Notch, which offer the travelers a sinkhole landscape of untamed wilderness, the high and steep rocks being a perfect place for extreme sports;


The ruins of the old Roman castrum, that belonged to the 5th Macedonica Legion, is located on the Citadel Hill plateau, and can be admired in its full splendor, while being transposed into another world where we imagine ourselves as soldiers with spears and shiny helmets, marching over the hills.

Saraturile Ocna Veche

The 6 lakes formed by filling with water of some former collapsed salt mines, known by the name of natural reservation “Ocna Veche Saraturile” is located North of Turda city.

The Scarisoara glacier

The biggest underground glacier from our country is located at a quite close distance from Turda- 127 kilometers, but it’s worth paying a visit to the splendid laid out cave, accompanied by a bunch of authorized guides.

Ne-ar face o nespusă bucurie să ne acordați posibilitatea de a fi parte din evenimentele majore ale vieții voastre. De aceea, punem la dispoziție spațiul restaurantului ”Sarea-n bucate” pentru momentele speciale dedicate clienților. Vă invităm să ne scrieți solicitările dvs.

Certificat Clasificare nr. 29018/17.11.2015
Certificat Clasificare nr. 14973/ 17.11.2015
Brevet Turism nr. 15200/ 09.06.2009

Restaurant & Pensiune Sarea-n Bucate
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